World's First 1500 fps Infrared Camera: FAST-IR 1500

Source: TELOPS

World’s First 1500 fps Infrared Camera: FAST-IR 1500

The FAST-IR 1500 is a high performance infrared camera that features 1500 fps full frame resolution, high sensitivity for targets that are difficult to detect, self-adjustment to fast temperature changes, and enhanced identification capability through the use of spectral characteristics.

The FAST-IR 1500 Infrared Camera uses an InSb detector with 320 x 526 pixel resolution. It has a 3.0 μm to 5.0 μm spectral range (other configurations are available), a 30 μm detector pitch, and split-stirling close cycle sensor cooling. Additional features include a 1500 Hz maximum full frame rate and a 6 μs to full frame time exposure time.


  • Surveillance
  • Ballistics
  • Signature Acquisition
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Engine Characterization
  • System Validation

And more! Download the datasheet for additional information.

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