05.21.14 -- Patent For Recycling Carbon Dioxide Awarded

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FCI FlexSwitch FLT Series
FCI's FLT93 Series Switches with FlexSwitch technology represent the first true technological advance in flow, level, and temperature sensing and switching in more than a decade. A single instrument, easily field-configured or factory preset, provides unparalleled accuracy, flexibility, and stability for most flow, level, temperature sensing, and switching needs.
Fruit Packager Utilizes Catalytic Carbon To Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide In Wastewater
The Duckwall Pooley Fruit Company is one of the largest fruit packagers in the Hood River Valley in Oregon, packing approximately 1.8 million bushels of pears annually. To improve their operations and lower their costs, the company implemented new measures to optimize the rinse water usage in the pear packaging line. After packaging of the fruit, collected water is chlorinated for disinfection and treated with coconut shell based activated carbon for residual chlorine removal.
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Patent For Recycling Carbon Dioxide Awarded
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SOLVAir Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate SOLVAir Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate
The SOLVAir Solutions Products portfolio has expanded with its newest product, SOLVAir Select 300, based on sodium bicarbonate. Specifically designed for use in air pollution control applications, Select 300 focuses on the treatment of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in flue gas.
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SOLVAir Solutions - Solvay Chemicals, Inc.
Thermo Scientific Model 84i Mercury Permeation Source Thermo Scientific Model 84i Mercury Permeation Source
Thermo Scientific Permeation Source is the only permeation oven that fully integrates with the Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom system to meet interim protocol QC and U.S. EPA regulatory requirements for mercury monitoring.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific