News | June 2, 2014

Novinda Announces Next Generation Product For Mercury Emission Control


Novinda Corporation, a leader in non-carbon mercury removal solutions, today announced an enhanced version of its mercury emissions capture product Amended Silicates™ HgX. The new product, AS HgX–ESP™, is specifically designed for removing mercury from coal-fired power plants that utilize electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for particulate removal.

In sustained full-scale power plant testing, AS-HgX-ESP achieved or exceeded the mercury capture requirements of the EPA’s Mercury & Air Toxics Standards (MATS), with up to three times greater performance than Novinda’s previous generation product.

The Amended Silicates platform of mercury removal products has proven to be extremely effective, as well as cost competitive, removing mercury with two to three times the efficiency of the market’s standard mercury removal products. The newest addition to this platform, HgX-ESP, extends that efficient performance to plants with ESPs and at pricing comparable to Novinda’s other mercury control products.

Due to its low carbon footprint (just 10 percent that of activated carbon products) the Amended Silicates platform of emission control products is recognized as a cleaner technology for removing toxic mercury from coal-fired power plants. These innovative, mineral based products also preserve the beneficial use of fly ash, have exceptional SO3 tolerance, are less corrosive to the balance of plant, and perform in a broad range of operating temperatures and coal types.

“This latest mercury removal product is a testament to the technology team at Novinda, who are committed to continuous improvement of the environmental and economic performance of our products,” said Ed Williams, CEO of Novinda. “The new HgX-ESP product addresses the unique challenges of mercury removal in these ESP configured plants by delivering exceptional performance and eliminating the need for any corrosive additive chemicals.”

AS-HgX-ESP performance results are based on side-by-side testing at multiple full-scale coal-fired power plants in 2014. The product is now commercially available for both testing and long-term supply contracts.

About Novinda

Denver, Colorado-based Novinda Corporation is a leader in developing and commercializing innovative technologies that address air quality and environmental compliance, while minimizing the economic and environmental impact to power generation companies and their customers. Novinda is known for its family of non-carbon, air quality control products based on the Amended Silicates mineral platform. Amended Silicates HgX received an award for innovation from the Environmental Business Journal and the Gold Edison Award for Product Innovation. Amended Silicates was also named Product of the Year in 2012 by Environmental Protection Magazine. For more information, visit

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