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07.09.14 -- Major Air Pollution Studies To Converge Over Denver

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FTIR Fast Facts 4 (FTIR Open Path Technology Benefits)
Yeah, the distinction is between a closed cell extracted system, which sniff s a little gas into a known volume and known path length and does the measurement there, versus just sending the infrared beam down, let's say, a fence line and then analyzing anything that's in that beam from one end to the other.
Total Volatile Organic Chemicals Measurement
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are potentially dangerous compounds created by both human industry and natural processes that vaporize under normal atmospheric conditions. VOC levels are much higher in indoor environments as they can be emitted by many manufactured products such as carpet, paint, and cleaning supplies. Outdoor sources can include landfills, industry, and hydrocarbon emissions.
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Major Air Pollution Studies To Converge Over Denver
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Portage La Prairie Looks To Nutrient Recovery Technologies To Reduce Pollution
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