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01.08.14 -- Low-Cost, Nondestructive Technology Cuts Risk From Mercury Hot Spots

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Carbon Adsorber System Helps Fertilizer Manufacturer Treat Organics In Rainwater Runoff
By Siemens Industry, Inc. - Water Technologies
In the summer of 2009, Siemens Water Technologies was contacted by a leading U.S. producer of fertilizers and pesticides and consultative services in the field of agricultural technology. Site managers for the company were seeking a solution for treatment of contaminants containing rainwater runoff.
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Taste And Odor Treatment Case Study
Cornwall is a city of nearly 50,000 people in Ontario, Canada. It is located on the St. Lawrence River, approximately 1,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and 125 miles from Lake Ontario. The city draws its drinking water from the St. Lawrence, a reliable and generally good quality source. However, in the late summer and early fall, dying algae from algae blooms during the warmest months often leave an earthy and musty taste in the water.
Quick Facts: Wish Fulfillment…The Real Deal On Effective Technology Choices!
"Quick Facts: Wish fulfillment…The real deal on effective technology choices!" answers several of your frequently asked questions regarding air pollution technologies, and what is the "best" choice for your plant. More in-depth information can be found on Keep on the lookout for future issues of Quick Facts, which will address air pollution control, regulatory issues, and the concerns facing coal-fired power plants, energy-from-waste, municipalities, industrial boilers, and pulp and paper mills. Stay tuned!
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Low-Cost, Nondestructive Technology Cuts Risk From Mercury Hot Spots
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piD-TECH Plus Photoionization Sensor piD-TECH Plus Photoionization Sensor
The "piD-TECH" plug-in photoionization sensor provides complete photoionization detection capability.
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Baseline - MOCON, Inc.
Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI)
Dry sorbent injection using sodium sorbent is a low-cost alternative to a semi-wet or wet scrubbing system for the removal of HCl and SO2. The process requires no slurry equipment or reactor vessel because the sorbent is stored and injected dry into the flue duct where it reacts with the acid gas.
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SOLVAir Solutions - Solvay Chemicals, Inc.