News | September 3, 2002

AltFuel Solutions Awarded Hydrogen Infrastructure Planning Grant

AltFuel Solutions announced receipt of a 50/50 grant through the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Energy Efficiency, to conduct Phase I of a demonstration hydrogen fuel station project in the Cleveland area. This project falls into one of three core areas, "demonstration projects involving hydrogen infrastructure", focused in the Ohio fuel cell initiative announced by Governor Taft May 9, 2002. This $100 million initiative is an integral part of the Third Frontier Project, a 10-year, $1.6 billion plan to create high-paying jobs in Ohio. The State of Ohio has designated the AltFuel Solutions' project as a "Smart Energy" project. AltFuel Solutions' major partner on this project is Northeast Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition, a program of Earth Day Coalition (and a U.S. DOE Clean Cities Coalition).

The new facility will refuel natural gas, hydrogen, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, utilizing on-site natural gas. It will include a small stationary fuel cell fueled by excess station hydrogen and, in return, supplying power to the station and local power grid. It also will include rooftop solar panels to supply additional power, and a minimum 72-seat Learning Center. Phase I, planning and design of the new facility, is scheduled for completion by December 2, 2002. Phase II, facility construction and demonstration leading into commercial operation, is scheduled for completion within 15 months of Phase II funding. Phase III, adding renewable energy hydrogen-producing systems as they become more cost competitive, is scheduled for completion within nine months of Phase III funding.

"The Learning Center will encourage visits by Cleveland school classes and the general public", said James W. Davis, President of JWD Enterprises, Inc., AltFuel Solutions' parent corporation. "And our 'New Energy Bridge' concept will demonstrate how to successfully morph the fuel stations of today into the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fuel stations of the future."

The AltFuel Solutions "New Energy Bridge" concept spans the expansion of gasoline/diesel stations to include refueling of natural gas vehicles, subsequent expansion to include reforming natural gas into hydrogen to refuel hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and final expansion to include hydrogen production from renewable energy resources. Energy security and environmental benefits will increase significantly at each new stage. And economic benefits will appear and continue to increase as oil prices inevitably rise.

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